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Smoked salmon
Pork pierogi
Sirloin steak
Wild boar medallions
Loin of veal
Poultry rolls
Cod fillet
Galician platter
Viennese duo
Hot apple pie
Pear in caramel sauce

Taste of Poland

On the table: mineral water, bread, butter

Roast ewe’s cheese and dumplings

served with cranberry sauce and fried onion

Galician Żurek

with egg and sliced sausage

Wild boar medallions “Franz Joseph” Style

with bison vodka sauce, served with broccoli in beer batter on the lemon grass
Served on the wooden platter:

Ribs with a honey-beer sauce

served with jacket potatoes and fried cabbage

Veal medallions in cherry brandy sauce

served with spinach and dumplings

Hot Apple Pie
in a composition of two sauces,served with whipped cream and ice-cream
cheery wodka
Price for set: 90,00 zł
Taste of Polish alcohol
“Śliwowica” (plum vodka)
Vodka „Wyborowa”
Vodka „Żubrówka”
Żywiec beer
Cherry vodka
Price for set: 20,00 zł
Tasting menu it must be order for minimum 2 persons
Before visit please contact with us, to be sure that we can do the menu in day when you visit our restaurant
Tel.: 12 430 07 62